About the origin and the basics of the poker game

About the origin and the basics of the poker game

In sixteenth century, many Germany people played a bluff game and they named as “Pochen” and it was get popular in French too and they given a name as “Poque” which was then eventually brought over to the New Orleans and played as on the riverboats that piled with the Mississippi. In the 1830 this game was refined further and called as “poker” and during the civil war the key rule about drawing the cards was added as a feature into this game for improving the card drawing of one’s hand. There are hundreds version of poker games are available and these games are not played only in the private homes, but also in the countless poker rooms of the famous casinos. The poker game can be played socially for the matchsticks or pennies or professionally for the thousands of dollars. There is a collection of luck in poker, but the game requires incredibly great skills as well and in the each player are found to be the master of their own fate.

In poker game the standard of 52 cards are used in addition with the one or two jokers in which the poker is a one-pack game but today in most of the clubs and casinos they use two packs of contrasting color cards in order to speed up the game process. A single pack is used for dealt while the other is being mix upped and start for another deal and following are the process for 2 packs and they are.

  • When you want to play a game then the middleman or player need to assemble all the cards from the pack that he dealt, shuffle and place them to the left.
  • When it is time for the next deal the shuffled deck cards is passed to the next dealer who wants to deal.

In many of the poker games the two pack cards are used where the dealer’s left hand opponent cuts the pack instead of the right hand opponent. In club it is mandatory to change the cards often permitting that any player can call for the fresh cards whenever he needed. While using the new card both the pack of cards are replaced and the seal and cellophane wrapping of the card pack should be only in front of the all players.

About the scoring or card values of the poker game

While poker game is played in the innumerable forms because the player who understands the principles of betting and values of the poker hands can play the game without difficulty in any type of the situs poker online games. Except the few versions of the poker game which consists of the five cards. The various combinations of the poker hands rank from the highest to lowest are given below.

  • Five of kind
  • Four of a kind
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Two pairs
  • One pair
  • No pair

Playing the game continuously and learning some tricks will make you expert in this game. Play well and earn more to lead your life happily.